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When selling your home or property you need a Real Estate Professional that can effectively advertise, market and sell on your behalf. Do not base your selection of a Real Estate Professional on the suggested price for your property. Too high is a waste of time and effort, too low does not bring you the best return on your investment. We pride ourselves on being thorough on all aspects of the selling process. We will help you decide on a realistic price while maximizing your return! We can provide a Home Valuation to assist you in deciding the best price for your property. The valuation is based on a number of factors relating to comparable homes in your area. These factors include days on market and current market conditions. Together we can work out the optimum selling price and a schedule for selling your property.

Whatever your reason for selling your home, there are points to consider before you decide, "Am I ready to move?".

Assuming you have made your decision to sell, what is the next step? First, you should find a Real Estate Professional to assist you through the process. (See "Why Use A Realtor®?").

Here at Capital Realty Residential, we will be able to help you throughout the sales process, particularly with the following key topics:

When your home does sell, we will also help you with:

Capital Realty Residential will also ensure there are no surprises at time of closing. We will monitor any and all Inspections and Appraisals and keep you up to date on any possible hindrance to the successful transfer to the new owners.

When it is time to move, you may find these Moving Tips useful.

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